Hilargi Nikane
Name: Hilargi Nikane

Age: 15

Eyes: Gray
Height: 5ft
Hair: Bright red
Complexion: Pale and freckled.

A ginger boy with short hair. He was thin with a lithe body, and bore the scars of his past troubles where all can see. Men in his family tend to hit their last growth spurt latter then most. He liked to wear loose clothing. He still possessed a line of stitches and pink flesh across his face that looked like he was lucky to keep his eyes.

Personality: Hilargi usually kept a positive attitude about life, as well as trying to find ways to enjoy his time and play games. However, because of his father he is nervous around men, especially those with authority. He hates staying at home, for several reasons and prefers to be outdoors. If anything, life is like an adventure to him.

Likes: He likes upbeat music, fast food, and games of all kinds.

Dislikes: He dislikes dull music, staying home, fancy food, waiting, and solitude.

Greatest Fear: Hilargi's greatest fear is that one day he will become like his father.

Backstory: Hilargi's family life was a troubled one. Over time his parents had grown to hate each other, his father acted like he hated him, while his mother, while loving, seemed to have grown more and more detached over the years. Their constant fighting made home life a terror for Hilargi.

He had been a prankster since a young age, and used his talent to amuse his mother and friends. however real trouble started at the age of 12 when he had his first vision. His behavior seemed to become more erratic, getting him in trouble at school and home. He even had to switch sports at school a few times.

Life was like normal, until the day a prank went terribly wrong. Hilargi was expelled from school for nearly killing a boy. That night, when his father, in a drunken rage, has broken a bear bottle. Then he had slashed Hilargi in the face, nearly taking his eyes out. Hilargi had then entered a vision, in this vision, a man who's skin was covered in dozens of Hilargi's faces, had tortured him. Once the vision was over, he found himself surrounded by police, his mother was almost dead on the floor, his father missing, and blood everywhere.

The police blamed everything on Hilargi, and had him committed. This was easy with his erratic behavior, and his father coming forth to blame his mother's assault on him. Within days though, the West Side Mental Hospital was contacted by the school.

Living: A deal was made between The institute and West side that covered his tuition and expenses.

Ability: The air and wind bend to his will. Currently, he has a little trouble controlling his powers.

Visions/Side Effects:
Hilargi's visions are strange, they range from demons and the tall man, all being covered by his face in strange burning worlds that they torture people who look like him. Down to strange worlds that were, almost normal, but something was slightly off. His worst visions always involved the tall man, or complete solitude in strange places.

His visions vary in effect, from losing control of his powers, to a crying raging ball of hate.