Luke Stoneswood
Luke Stoneswood
Age: 19

Appearance- Brown hair and deep green eyes. Wears casual clothes, mostly black, green or brown. He is 6'5" and weighs about 215lbs. He has tanned skin and is of stronger build (as in muscles arent building everywhere but you can see that its not all fat)

Personality- He is strong willed but prefers staying away from crowds, tries to stop any kind of confrontation that he deems might become violent.

Likes- Nature, food, books
Dislikes- Assholes, Violence towards anything living.

Greatest Fear- His home, and his "garden-sanctuary" being burned down.

Backstory- Raised by a wealthy family on the outskirts of a large city, He spent a lot of time in his garden. He learned he could help the plants and the trees grow, and "persuade" how would they grow (over longer period of time) and he used it to mold himself a personal piece of haven, where he could escape everyone except animals who seemed strangely friendly towards him. It went well until his first day of college, when he had his first vision. It might have been manageable, had he not caused the trees and the dogs around and on the grounds to attack other students...

Living- His parents are paying for everything, so he can learn to control his power.

Ability-He can slightly "control" plants and has some bond with animals.
Visions- He usualy sees himself as a giant oak in the woods, when a dark/red miasma enters the forest, and each animal it touches writhes in agony, and each tree starts to burn.
Side Effects: The nature in his immediate surroundings will go berserk.

Theme Song- Gamma Ray - "To Mother Earth"