Athena Satori
Name: Athena Satori
Age: 17
Nationality: Icelandic

Appearance: Athena Satori missed her calling walking fashion runways. Tall and slender, Athena carries herself with the effortless grace of a ballerina. Her skin is cream-colored and smooth, unmarked by sun or stress. Satori wears her naturally blue-black hair in a severe pixie cut. She keeps her makeup clean and minimal, highlighting her strong cheekbones and violet eyes.

Satori wears ultra-stylish, sporty clothes with a focus on utility and movement. She is never seen without a silver necklace around her neck from which dangles the Lotus when not deployed as a weapon.

Personality: Athena was one of the popular girls before her visions came. She was used to having her way because she's pretty and privileged, but since discovering her link to the Lifetime Chorus she has begun to display a keen intelligence, confidence, and morality. Athena now follows the samurai code, believing that it is her duty to protect the weak and uphold honor in word and deed.

Likes: Martial arts, shopping, spicy tuna rolls, cute boys.
Dislikes: Secrets, cruel people, injustice.
Greatest Fear: Spiders. SPIDERS!

Backstory: Athena Satori is the only daughter of a cellphone mogul and a homemaker. A life of privileged private schools and comfort were hers for the taking, and most of Athena's problems lay within finding the right dress for a date with the right boy.

Then the dreams started. She was on a field in Japan, fighting against invaders. She was living on the Moon, repairing oxygen scrubbers for the Monsanto Colony. When Athena began to enter fugue states, her parents were understandably concerned. When she demonstrated a mastery of hand-to-hand combat during an attempted assault by a pushy ex-boyfriend, her parents became unsure what to do. Scared that she would bring shame to her family, her parents shipped Athena off to the Institute.

Living: The Satori family is paying for to keep Athena at the Institute, hoping that she is either cured or hidden from the public.

Ability: Athena has the power of shared experience--she is linked through time and space with other women who also share in this link. How these women are linked--or even how they have been selected--remains something of a mystery.

As a result of her shared experience, Athena enjoys a high degree of martial arts and tactical skill. She is capable of fighting and defeating opponents who are better armed, physically larger, and even outnumber her with seeming little effort. She has great insight into strategy and position in combat, and is a capable leader in small and large-scale operations.

Athena also has a prodigious command of engineering and the sciences. The majority of this knowledge appears to be subconscious, bubbling up at odd times. She will commonly be able to explain impressively complex scientific ideas or solve challenging feats of engineering, but then not entirely understand how she knows what she knows. Her comprehension of science and engineering far surpasses current understanding, making her a potent--if unreliable--super-genius.

She is somehow fluent in Japanese, despite never having been to Japan herself. It is important to note that Athena's Japanese seems dated, with many terms she seems familiar with being phased out of the modern language. Satori is also capable of speaking a strange language that seems to fuse elements of Mandarin, English, and Spanish. This pidgin language is not currently used anywhere else on earth, and Athena claims it comes from the future. This language has proven particularly useful for encryption, seeming very difficult to break when used in even simple codes and passwords.

Athena wields the Lotus, a futuretech naginata with a coherent plasma blade. Owing to her martial skills, Satori is a frightening combatant when armed with the naginata. She understands how to build, maintain, and repair the Lotus using materials found in any current hardware store, though inspection reveals the device to far exceed any technology on the planet. When not in use, the Lotus goes dormant, collapsing in on itself to form a small flower pendant she wears as a necklace charm.

Visions/Side Effects: Athena Satori enters a waking fugue state. She then visits what she calls the "Lifetime Chorus", where the women she is linked to manifest and interact. So far, only three women have fully expressed themselves within the fugue--Nakano Takeko, a 19th century samurai from the Aizu province, Pearl Vee, a 22nd century technologist living on a Moon colony, and Athena Satori herself. There are several other shadowy figures who remain in the background of an idyllic pastoral setting, suggesting Athena has only begun to tap into her ability.