Elliot Knight
Name: Elliot Knight
Age: 19

Appearance -
Hair: Midnight Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: Tanned
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 190
Hair Style: Crew cut
Body shape: Lanky but Buff
Clothing: Baggy, but not too baggy (regular fit)
Species: Human/Wolf
Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Personality: His brash exterior conceals a very real fear of what he might become. His stubborn adherence to what he believes to be right can make him prickly and his loyalty to his friends can get him into trouble but at bottom he is a pretty nice guy.

Likes: Football, martial arts including archery, music, piano.
Dislikes: Country music, bullies, anyone with authority over him.

Fears: Hunting people.
Greatest Fear: Eating people.

Backstory: When Elliot hit puberty he began having dreams of being chased through the wilds by beasts. Headshrinks didn't help, and the dreams got worse, until his sleep began to suffer. Then they got worse, for now he was doing the chasing. Shortly afterwards he began to suffer 'fits', painful spasms that wracked his body as his limbs elongated and his spine deformed, fur growing across his body. Unwilling to accept what was happening to him but forced to admit that something was, his parents sent him to the School.

Living: Trust fund.

Ability: Heightened scent, strength and agility, predatory instincts.

Visions: chasing or being chased through the wilds.
Side Effects: Dreams: Lost sleep, irritability; Fits: Painful partial transformations.

Theme Song: Hungry like the wolf