Elohe' Wenta'kana'hton
Name: Elohe' Wenta'kana'hton

Age: 18

Appearance: Tall, about 6"2', strong lithe build. Long black hair and golden eyes. Has scars on his back but does not speak of them. A dark russet skin tone thanks to his Hawaiian/Native American blood.

Personality: A forever optimist and major Eco activist. Elohe' is an animal rights activist and a vegan. He believes what he believes and wont force it on anyone. To be his friend means you gain a loyal and kind one in return. To be his enemy? The Spirits themselves would be against you.

Likes: Vegan restaurants, beaches, forest walks, animals.

Dislikes: Oil companies, Hunters, Poachers

Greatest Fear: The Wendigo, The Dark.

Backstory: Elohe' was always a gifted child on the reservation. He was always present at major events and his people saw him as a kind of good luck charm. The first Vision he had however was the first that brought the Spirits to his aid. The Wendigo chose him as his new host and tried to take his body. In his terror he burned his reservation to the ground...and everyone with it. He ran for a while then before finding a new home, and new friends...friends he wont let the Wendigo take from him.

Living: Runs a small business for people wanting to speak to their dead relatives.

Ability: Full Elemental Manipulation through 4 totemic spirits bound to him at birth but very prone to losing control. (Essentially if the Avatar could do it he can , except chi bending, but for him the more he expends the more he puts himself and others at risk)

Visions/Side Effects: He gains visions of events in the Spirit World of his Ancestors. Sometimes he sees that he is being chased by the Wendigo. His body paralyzes when he enters these visions. But when he sees the Wendigo his body is his own, but he will react as if the Wendigo is the reality.

Theme Song: