The Complete
Name: Cassandra Leola (titled the Complete)

Age: 40 (doesn't look it due to her abilities)

Element: All Elements including their subdivisions. (Fire Primary)

Appearance: The Complete has sunny yellow hair with white and amber steaks, ocean blue eyes with dancing orange flames in them, thin gray patterns at the corners of her eyes that signify wind and clouds, lightly green tinted skin, metallic silver nails that feel like plastic, a black music note design on her left cheek, shadow design up legs, a lightning mark on her right cheek, and small crystals formed on forehead in a circlet pattern.

Personality: She is wise and calm and happy, always able to make people smile. She runs the village. She is motherly and odd, but very friendly. However, due to the Darkness element, she has been known to have troubling "voices and visions" and she can be pretty depressed at times.

Home Life: She lives in a house behind the school, with four bedrooms. She takes the master bedroom while she leaves the three other bedrooms open for children and teenagers in need. She adopts kids all the time.