Deservet Cono
Name: Deservet Cono

Age: 35

Element: Darkness

Appearance: Tan skin, black hair, and black eyes, common traits of the Darkness user. He stands 6' tall and is very lanky. He wears a black long sleeve shirt and black jeans, his title-to-be-called being Darkness. He usually wears a near permanent scowl and his voice has an odd deep sound but high echo that is often unsettling to people.

Personality: He seems angry all the time, and maybe even slightly scared. He is not typically rude, but he is the kind of person who looks/sounds scary but is fairly decent.

Home Life: His mother died giving birth to him and his father died before, not that this was known to him. Outcasts from the forests took care of him until he showed signs of elemental control, and then he was left on the forest outskirts, where the Complete found him. He was about 13 when the Complete took him in.

Now he lives in a dorm of the school, luxury built for him.