Kuron Steel
Name: Kuron Steel

Age: 30

Element: Water

Appearance: Dark blue hair and deep blue eyes, signature traits of a water elemental. He is 30 but looks 25, and always has a joking grin on his face. He is 5'8" and rather thin. He wears an ocean blue long sleeve shirt and black jeans, and his title-to-be-called is Aqua.

Personality: Kuron has a great sense of humor. He's always joking through the day and accepting jokes throughout the day, as well. He tries to make all his classes dramatic and funny, with seriousness only when needed. He does have a serious/caring side, and will do anything for his class.

Home Life: He grew up in an easy-going household. His father joked a lot, his mother was very compassionate, and his sister was very shy and sweet. They all got along, showing strong character traits and morals, such as helping others selflessly, or treating others as you want to be treated.

Kuron lives in a break off of the school, alone, with no wife and kids.