Lilly Evena
Name: Lilly Evena

Age: 21

Element: Light

Appearance: Shining white hair, porcelain looking skin, soft gray eyes, she is quite obviously a light user. She has a mysterious smile, and rather distant looking eyes. Her voice is high and soft with an odd echo. She wears a long sleeve white dress that flairs at the hips, falling to mid-thigh in ripples, and knee high white boots.

Personality: Lilly always seems distant, yet coherent enough to teach. She is kind enough, and quiet. She is calm and has a very calming air.

Home Life: Not much is truly known about her past, including who her parents were or where she lived. It is believed she escaped her past village to come here at the age of 20.

Now she lives in the forest, but no one knows where or how.