Crista Savette
Name: Crista Savette

Age: 28

Element: Lightning

Appearance: Frizzy curls of blonde and electric yellow eyes, pale skinned Crista Savette is definitely a Lightning Elemental. She has slightly mischievous eyes and a cute smile, short lithe frame, and an energetic air. She wears a bright yellow long sleeve dress, the skirt flaring at the hips, falling to mid-thigh in ripples, along with yellow knee-high boots. She wears her hair back in a high ponytail. Her title-to-be-called is Lightning.

Personality: Energetic and mischievous, Crista Savette teaches with an excited attitude. She loves archery, and always has bow, arrows, and quiver with her.

Home Life: Crista grew up only with a father, a joking-but-serious guy. One who thought it important that he teach his girl to protect herself and hunt, but to also exercise humor and good naturedness.

Crista Savette now lives in a simple cabin a little ways into the forest.