Erik Sterva
Name: Erik Sterva

Age: 27

Element: Metal

Appearance: Silver hair and metallic eyes, quite obviously a Metal Bender. His eyes are calm and soft, wise, and sorrowful. He always wears a gentle and friendly smile. He has pale skin, faintly gray looking in some lights, and stands 5'4" tall and very thin and lanky.  He wears a gray long sleeve shirt and black jeans, his title-to-be-called being Metal.

Personality: He has a very calm demeanor, with a very calming, soothing air to him. He serves as the school's counselor because of this effect he has on people. He is quiet and gentle, and doesn't talk as much as simply demonstrate, and explain as questions are asked.

Home Life: He lived alone with his mother most of his life, after watching his father die painfully and slowly due to illness. He had always had this demeanor, helping his mother pull through her depression. His mother was a fragile woman, quick to cry, caring, easy to break...

Now he lives in his 'counselor's office', which is linked to a bedroom, lightly furnished.