Mathew Eriks
Name: Matthew Eriks

Age: 29

Element: Plastic

Appearance: White blonde hair cut short and kinda choppy looking, and gray, near colorless eyes that show he's a Plastic Bender. He has pale skin, a short stance, and flattering muscles, not too bulky but visible. He stands about 5'5". He wears an off-white long sleeve shirt and black jeans. His title-to-be-called is Plastic.

Personality: He sort of acts like Prussia from Hetalia. He thinks he's awesome, better than any Plastic Bender, even against The Complete, and doesn't like to be called out on his arrogance. He likes to be right or at least be stronger than you.

Home Life: He grew up in a proud family, thinking his father was the most awesome person in the world. His mother sculpted plastic with her ability and sold it in a shop, and his father went to compete with his friends all the time.

Now he lives by himself, towards the center of the village.