Pyra Asuna
Name: Pyra Asuna

Age: 27

Element: Fire

Appearance: Flaming red hair and scarlet eyes, true traits of a Fire Elemental. Her pale skin is framed by the short, straight red hair, which is about chin-length. She always has a mischievous smile and eyes, and is somewhat tall and lithe, standing 5'6", and fairly skinny. She wears a red long sleeve dress that flairs at the hips, falling to about mid-thigh, and she wears red knee-high boots with it. Her title-to-be-called is Pyro.

Personality: She is very mischievous and high-energy. She always has a trick up her sleeve, and has a very ominous way of talking. She likes to prank people, especially the children in her class.

Home Life: She grew up with a super serious dad and easy going mom. She and her mischievous brother always pranked their dad, making their mom laugh but their dad would scold them. Her brother passed on due to illness so Pyra is continuing his legacy.