Geno Kautie
Name: Geno Kautie

Age: 32

Element: Earth (Rock)

Appearance: He has black hair that looks like obsidian and violet eyes that look like amethyst. He has flawless white skin and thin build. He stands 5'8", and wears a brown long sleeve shirt and black jeans. His title-to-be-called is Rock.

Personality: Oddly enough, he is a neat freak. His class is strangely pristine, even the smallest of rock crumbs cannot be found. He has a very formal air and strong disliking of his boring title.

Home Life: His mother and father were neat freaks. They always kept the house pristine, and encouraged Geno to do good in school. Geno never disobeyed his parents and picked up their OCD.

Geno lives alone in a tiny house near the center of the village.