Yui Yamana
Name: Yui Yamana

Age: 25

Element: Nature (Plant)

Appearance: Dark brown hair in luscious curls, lightly tan skin with rosy cheeks, and emerald/jade green eyes, short lithe frame, she looks almost like a child. She stands 4'9", and wears a green long sleeve dress that flairs at the hips and falls to mid-thigh, falling in ripples, and green knee high boots. Her title-to-be-called is Plant.

Personality: She is bubbly and friendly and "green". She loves the color green, and every color of flower, even the color of dirt. She likes plants and talks to them all the time.

Home Life: She lived in the forest alone her whole memorable life, among the many plants and animals, developing her abilities quickly.

Now she continues to live in the same spot, same tree-house and everything.