Aileen Black
Name: Aileen Black

Age: 17

Element: Dark.


Standing at around 5'5", Aileen's tell-tale feature is undoubtedly her dark hair, as some of her locks are colored in a platinum white color, a testimony to her dual heritage as the daughter of a Dark Elementalist and Light Elementalist. She also sometimes wears a blue Eternal Flower in her hair, just above her left ear, as it is a gift from her father. Her dark blue eyes very rarely change color, turning light blue for mere moments, before reverting to their original color. She is usually garbed in attires that are both white and black.

Aileen's regular outfit.

Aileen's beach outfit. The main difference between this photo and Aileen's actual appearance is that her Eternal Flower is dark-blue in color.

Personality: Ever since she was a young child, Aileen was taught to always maintain an open mind and accept things as they are, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others. As such, she is a calm and understanding one, her empathy sometimes even pushing her to seek others that might seem troubled by their own worries. This trait of hers has the downside of making her worry less about her own life, as she always places others above her own well-being.

As she wishes to learn to master two Elements that are in direct opposition to one another, Light and Dark, her own mind is constantly at war with itself. While she normally holds balance over both thoughts of destruction and creation, in order to not allow her Dark nature to take hold over her, there are some instances where she can lose control over her emotions and thus allow her Dark side to flourish into existence, much to the dismay of whoever was the cause of this occurrence. Aileen struggles to limit this, however, and only those who genuinely seek to harm her or others might catch a glimpse of her more concealed nature outside of her Primary classes. When studying to further her mastery of the Dark, she lowers only a fraction of her barriers. Her caution is spawned out of her fears that, without having learned Light in order to balance the two Elements out, she might be tempted to completely give into her Dark nature, something she was taught since birth to avoid, for none may know the consequences such an action might have, to her or to those that are around her.

Home Life: The Black family is a renowned family of Elementalists, whose roots can be traced back for hundreds of years. However, most of them are known as Dark Elementalists, with Aileen's father making no exception to this rule. The Black family lives on the island of Eneria, a Village known for its acceptance of both technology and Elemental powers, as it is close to the unspoken border between the Inner and Outer Villages. As such, Aileen was taught for a long time that personal opinions more often than not place barriers of fog in front of the truth. She learned to see things from a detached perspective, without personal views or her own experience blocking her from seeing other solutions to her problems. With this 'think outside the box' mentality, the Black family is one of the few to accept within it people that might master other Elements, or even those that do not master any Element at all, which would explain why Aileen's mother is a Light Elementalist. Many other families scoff at such a notion, earning the Black family a less than pleasant reputation among other Elementalist families. However, those outside Elementalist families see them as kind and understanding people, who go out of their way to help those in need, either within Eneria or outside of it, provided that their cause is just from an unbiased point of view.

The Black are also known for the practice of creating Eternal Flowers. Eternal Flowers are flowers that, through careful manipulation of the Dark, become frozen in Time, thus never wilting or changing. While the precise techniques to create such things are unknown, it is known that creating a single flower can take anywhere between half a year and a decade, depending on the complexity of the flower itself and on how receptive it is to Dark manipulation. Use too little Dark, and the flower will eventually wilt. Use too much Dark, and the flower will become corrupted and fade away into nothingness. As such, Eternal Flowers are an extremely precious accessory, as it is believed that the creation and export of such flowers alone provide enough income to maintain the Black family's fortune.

While Aileen knows the basics of creating Eternal Flowers, she still has a long way to go before creating one. Practicing these skills do help, however, as they provide an outlet for the growing negative emotions that she might experience during the day.

Color used in dialogue: Gray