Kazuya Yamamoto
Name: Kazuya Yamamoto

Age: 17

Element: Fire


Kazuya has messy, light orange/blonde hair and red eyes , hinting at his fire elemental being. He is around 5,8' tall and posses a fairly toned body. He prefers wearing comfortable buttoned, red shirts and gray pants, occasionally throwing over his hooded yellow,black winter jacket, when the climate demands it. His face is quite expressionless most of the time, rarely showing emotion aside from being seemingly bored or tired. Though he is capable of smiling or showing emotions when the situation calls for it.


Kazuya is usually quite carefree and appears to be the lazy type as he is often seen taking naps at random times of the day. This is due to the fact that he lacks a proper hobby as he appears to be rather untalented at most things, causing him to lose interest in different activities quite fast. The few things that he seems to be talented at or became interested in, like practicing his elemental mastery, he does eagerly and with great pleasure.

While he is not particularly interested in the things that happen around him, he is quite perceptive and a good listener. Despite being a more quiet person and mostly minding his own business he does not avoid other people and is rather attentive and friendly when spoken to.  He is also more open and shows more emotion when interacting with people he is close to. He is also quite fond of animals and especially interested in fire dragons.

Home Life:

The Yamamoto are a very old family, famous and respected for their long line of powerful fire elemental. In the family respect, discipline,just and tradition are held very high and their members are usually very strict and uptight. The reason why Kazuya doesn't seem to fit in at all is his mother (Ayako),who is a quite energetic person and from whom he got his carefree attitude. She is also one of the reasons why his father (Kaen) is less strict and usually doesn't force his son to do something he would rather not (which is actually a lot of things), unless it's important or necessary (like his daily flame control practices).

The other reason is Kazuyas talented and dependable big brother Tadashi (21), who is most likely to become the next head of the family and succeed it's line, taking most of the responsibilities off his little brother. Aside from his brother, Kazuya also has a elder sister (Shizuka, 19), who is a split image from their mother. Since their parents and elder brother are often busy she is the one, who usually keeps an eye on him and makes sure that he doesn't slack off to much. She also often takes him with her for numerous activities. (She is the primary reason how he found out that he is not cut out for most of them in the first place)

Kazuya lives in center village with his grandparents,parents and siblings in a big old house made of wood and paper (looks like a traditional japanese house), which he finds quite unfitting for a family of fire elementals. Being a traditional family however, it was unlikely that this would change anytime soon. Their home was probably the reason why discipline and resulting control over their powers was so important to them. Kazuya is rarely at home though, normally only being there for dinner with the family or to sleep, since he is often scolded by his strict grandfather (Kouen), who just loves to remind him that he is nothing like his big brother. When he is not at school or being dragged around by his sister he is usually in the huge forest behind his home, either wandering around watching the animals or taking one of his beloved naps.