Roy Unda
Name: Roy Unda

Age: 17

Element: Water


Roy has light brown, wind-swept hair, and a relaxed grin perpetually on his face with deep blue eyes his mother always compared to the ocean. Roy stands at about 6'0 tall and is fairly athletic. Not the strongest or the fastest, he isnt easily winded or tired, usually being one of the last ones still going when others give up. Usually wearing jeans or long pants and running shoes with a jacket over his shirt in all kinds of weather, though occasionally he can be found running around in just board shorts if he plans on spending all day at the coast.

Personality: Roy is first and foremost a slacker. Anything he can do to get out of hard work and make his life easier he will take, even if the steps necessary are more work than simply doing the job in the first place. He can usually be found at the beach surfing, fishing or just swimming in the waters. While not the most diligent worker, when applying himself, Roy can be creative and fairly intuitive as long as his attention holds, but becomes bored easily and when the interest fades so does all motivation to work hard. Generally an easy going guy, its very difficult to make Roy angry, instead he will usually shrug it off and go back to whatever he was doing in the first place.

Home Life: Roy was born on one of the middle islands, closer to the outer ring. Not quite on the technical cutting edge, but close enough to grow up with a cultured understanding of it all. He spent most of his life along the coast with his father and mother, both of whom made their living off of the fresh market catching and selling fish respectively. Roy learned both ends of the trade and did fairly well but usually shirked the responsibility to go surfing instead. When he was 15, he was caught out during a bad storm and nearly drowned from a rogue wave, only saved by the manifestation of his abilities. Since that time he had begun practicing and honing his ability in secret, occasionally helping his father catch fish by "pushing" the currents in the water to redirect fish into the net. Eventually he was discovered by his mother who found him lobbing water balls at targets along the seawall. Torn between their love of their son and the fear of the more "Puritan" members of society, they sent Roy to the central island to learn there with a small fund they had saved up originally to open a restaurant.

Roy lives in a small flat not far from the coast on central island, and when not learning he can be found surfing, swimming or, if money's tight, fishing for harder cathes for some quick cash.