Ado Okura
Name: Okura Ado

Gender: Female

Age: 17

 Element: Sound


Ado is a fairly laid back person who does things at her own pace. She has a habit of yawning when something important is being said, and most of the time ignores the world around her by wearing her headphones. This is not to say she isn't polite. On the contrary, when approached, Ado is quite kind. Willing to help anyone whenever asked or able. However, she does not appear to like long social interactions (especially one's about emotional issues), quickly breaking away whenever she has the chance. Concerning her studies, Ado is very attentive, (though in her own way). She likes to doodle and will often be seen drawing in her sketch book while the professor is talking.

Though she gives off the humble impression of not knowing much, Ado is intellectually gifted and can solve complex problems at a much faster pace than most people. She is also highly knowledgable about technology and has a understanding of how most work.

Despite being calm and collected most of the time, Ado hates to stand still and is quite restless. Her right leg, when sitting down, shaking as she waits for something to happen.


Ado is a petite girl with light brown eyes and dark, almost black hair, which is styled in a bob-cut with bangs that reach her eyebrows. She wears a loose cream colored cardigan over a school uniform and black tights or similar hosiery.

Her most distinguishable accessory is the pair of red headphones she proceeds to adorn at all times either on her head, or around her neck.

Home Life:

Born to two halves of the same coin. Ado and her parents, (her father a robotics engineer and her mother, an air elementalist.) Lived together on one of the outer ringed islands, close to the middle. She grew up, open minded, her father teaching and familiarizing her with technology. While her mother, would tell stories about the center islands. The possibilities one possessed being an elementalist and the secretes they could discover as one. Ado was always in awe of her mothers tales, but thought humbly of herself and couldn't imagine having any unique abilities. She learned her fathers trade, helping him build house-hold robots. Which in time, took her away from hearing her mothers stories.

One day, after Ados father and her had finished work, and were headed home in a car. A drunk driver, zoomed onto the road and crashed straight into them. Ado survived, however, her father did not. As the girl looked at her fathers now lifeless body, something inside of her unlocked and as she let out a scream. Ado in accident, let out a high-pitched sound wave that traveled across the island, and nearly destroyed entire buildings.

Nothing, was quite the same after that day. Her mother, now grief with the death of her husband, had Ado and her move to one of the middle islands to stay with her aunt and uncle. As she, could no longer provide for her daughter. Ado watched as her mother slowly began to envelope in sorrow, becoming no more than the shell of the person she used to be. She had tried many times to break her mother out of the curse, but it was no use.

Feeling it was her to blame for their misfortune, Ado matured and quickly took up the responsibility to take care of her and her mother. She helped around the house to pay back her Aunt and uncles kindness, and even found a small job building headphones and other small gadgetry (which is where she made her own). Her aunt and uncle, being both elementalist, began to teach the girl about her powers and how to control them. As they were getting stronger everyday. They even told her about her great granpa, who like her, was one of the few sound elementalist on her mothers side. Eventually, they suggested she move to the center island and though Ado did not feel comfortable leaving her mother, she eventually agreed.

Ado now lives in a small apartment building on the central island. Where, if she's not studying, she's either working at her part time job, or walking around listening to music.