Simon Willow
Name: Simon Willow

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Element: Darkness

Personality: Simon is distrusting of most people.  He has been so emotionally and physically hurt by family and kids his own age, he is hesitant to grow close to others.  He has a dark morbid side, but is basically a nice kid at heart.  He seeks power in order to keep others from hurting him again, some worry just how far he may go.  Some people have seen him talking to himself.  In truth, he's talking to the Darkness; he believes it is intelligent and his only friend.  Unfortunately, he also suffers from Anorexia.  He admires plant users and will likely be prone to developing a crush on one.  He seems to have a real talent for creating charcoal drawings, though they tend to have morbid themes that sometimes disturbs other kids.

Appearance:  Simon is thin, too thin.  He doesn't like eating and when he does he feels guilty about it.  He's also pale, preferring the quiet and peacefulness of night to roam around.  His dark hair is in stark contrast to his pale white skin.  His clothes are often worn, having been stolen off someone's clothes line or come from the second hand store.

Home Life:  Simon Willow exhibited shadow manipulating powers at a young age.  Both his parents noticed it and both feared it having little to no experience with element controllers.  His father responded to his son's strangeness by ignoring or beating him.  His mother did nothing, which at times was even worse.  Simon often wondered if his mother would have protected him if he were normal.

Simon was an easy target for bullies.  He's extremely smart acing most of his academic classes.  His family was poor.  He was skinny and pale and many times kids would tease him about being a vampire.  It didn't help that Simon had morbid tastes.  He would often be found under the bleachers playing with spiders or in the hallway drawing Gothic black and white pictures.

Simon now lives alone.  He left his abusive family far behind and he sleeps where ever he can.  He is often the first kid at school often waiting outside long before sunrise.  He stays at school as long as he can before leaving.  After leaving he finds a warm secluded place to sleep away the rest of the daylight hours.  He hopes this school will be different.