Amelia Calladia
Name: Amelia Calladia

Age: 17

Element: Light

Appearance: Pure white, long flowing hair that reaches mid back, perfectly straight. Almost milk-white skin that shines like a moonstone in the moonlight. High cheek bones, thin frame, about 5 feet tall. Ice blue eyes, nearly colorless, with a sharp bright blue to them, nearly transparent look. Long, flowing white gown that hugs the torso and flows from the hips and elbows, falls to shins and sleeves stop at wrists. Never wears shoes.

Personality: Quiet and mysterious, always seems to be far away and yet perfectly there, with a constant distant expression in eyes and slightly distant smile, only frowns in the worst of times, signifying a great danger. She dances everywhere, but no one knows where she came from. Some say her family were forest dwellers like those without Elemental ability, and she was the only to survive, accidentally wandering into the Village Center. She hardly talks, but when she does it has a slight hypnotic feel. A slight echo, too. She hides her abilities or uses them hardly unless in high danger situations.

Home Life: Unknown origin. The Elder Council believes she came from the forest and does not have living immediate family. (The Elder Council is right in this observation.) She now lives with the Complete in one of the free rooms in her house.