Tamachi Einzburg
Name: Tamachi Einzburg

Age: 17

Element: Plastic

Appearance: Tamachi dressed in purely synthetic materials. He has blonde hair and bright green eyes. He's not well build but does not look weak. Mostly average in the muscle tone department. He tends to wear monochromatic clothing. He's tall about 6'1" and weighs about 200 lbs. He's white skinned and always has a grin.

Personality: He is an inquisitive person at heart. He grew up into a rich family but not a really well known one. He is smart though doesn't often know what to do with his ideas. He comes up with half cocked plans and rarely follows through with them. Deciding to take on new projects before even finishing old ones. He gets board pretty easily.

Home Life: His family isn't that large. He's adopted by a single father who runs the Einzburg corporation. The largest producer and transporter of plastics and synthetic materials. His father is kind and seems to always have time to spend with Tamachi. He has a few family friends and a single brother. His brother is fairly different and focus on more of the athletic nature of life.