Reika Ro
Name: Reika Ro

Age: 14

Element: Plant (Earth)

Appearance: With ebony hair and topaz eyes at 4'11", Reika doesn't initially strike people as a plant elementalist.  Reika wears mainly flowing tunics, fitted but not tight.  On her feet are leather sandals.  Khakis, wheats, and forest-greens make up most of her color palate, but she occasionally adorns her waist with strings of beads in a variety of colors.

Personality: The word that would most describe Reika is easily this: calm.  Like a flower, rather than mope over or plow through obstacles, she patiently weaves her way around them.  This easy-going attitude makes her more of a follower than a leader.  She doesn't share opinions or emotions freely, but will do so if pushed.  She's friendly, but doesn't call many people her friends.

Home Life: Reika is the only child of Ren and Sonomi Ro.  They lived happily on the edge of a forested inner-village in a small house.  Together they farmed and brought their harvests to the center- and outer-villages.  The Ros believed in strong ties to the family, but freedom to learn about the world and oneself.  By the time she was twelve, Reika was almost completely independent, able to live off the land, and she made the decision to receive an education outside of her parents' teachings.  With a small sum of money and a promise to visit often, Reika set off.