Shiro Ishi
Name: Shiro (his family name is Ishi, but no one knows it besides the teachers, and even they only address him by Shiro.)

Age: 16    Gender: Male    Height: 197 cm (6'5.5")    Weight: 112 kg (247 lbs)

Hair color: Dark brunette    Eye color: darkish brown    Birthplace: Outer Island

Appearance: Shiro is a tall, muscular person. Towering over many others, and has an impressive physique, that gives him possibly a thuggish look due to his size, the solemn look of his face, and the way he chooses to dress. He has dark brown hair, with a slight tint of reddish brown in it, and he has some facial hair in the form of a beard that comes down from his sideburns around his chin, and going up towards his lip a little. He has longish hair, and dark brown eyes. He can always be seen wearing the necklace his grandfather left him (shown in picture). He also tends to wear his jacket around, usually with a sleeveless muscle shirt beneath, but hidden because of the long sleeved leather jacket. He also tends to wear faded jeans, and black canvas shoes. Oh, and he has a little waist chain thingee.

Only also with facial hair like such:

Element: Rock Earth

Backstory: Shiro was born and raised on one of the outer islands, in fact, it was the furthest away from the center village. The island was mostly all a metropolis city, with very, very few elementalists. He and his parents lived in the "ghetto" of the island, or the part where crime was highest, poverty was at its peak, and a local mob gang ruled the area. His father was a member of that gang, and his mother was a prostitute who had become impregnated by his father, and was sorta forced to life with his father, under threat of death. His father was both physically, and verbally abusive, to both Shiro and his mother. His mother too, would often hit and scream at Shiro. He didn't exactly have the "happy, normal childhood" most people could claim,

From a young age, 12 to be exact, Shiro had a rather angry but silent demeanor, no doubt from abusive alcoholic parents who it seemed like to practice martial arts on him. The factor of their terrible poverty may have also been included, as the people from where they lived had to scrape and just barely survive, tensions were high in the slums, and there were seldom any good days. Shiro would consistently become angered, very quickly, and very easily. Usually resulting in physical contact, and so many, many fights.

Shiro was always a "bigger kid" simply due to his size compared to the others. He used this to advantage, by forming a sort of reputation to win his fights, which he got into often. He would hit others out of rage, and was exceedingly good at it, usually sending the other kid home crying and with some part of his face bloodied.

When Shiro was still 12, a job gone wrong had resulted in his father's death, and his mother, who both feared his father but also depended on him, overdosed the very same day out of grief. Shiro only had one other remaining family member, who his father had kept him away form his whole life; his grandfather. Shiro would go to live with his grandfather (who still lived in the crime and poverty filled part of the island), but with great resentment. Even though his parents were abusive, his behavior only got worse after they passed away. He no longer needed to get angry at another kid to hit them, he would do it if they so much as looked at him, or passed by him to briskly, because he was always sad. Those days, Shiro had severe depression, and would all but refuse to even communicate with grandfather.

Eventually, a year would pass, and Shiro had begun to actually interact with his new guardian more, but he still kept his violent behavior. Unfortunately, he would one day be cornered into an alley by a group of kids who he had beaten in the last, but were now coming at him together for revenge. The kids began to beat him rather savagely, but his grandfather ran into the alleyway, and stepped in front of the attackers. He didn't fight back, he just stood in front of Shiro, taking all of the hits.

When the gang of young punks left, Shiro's grandfather was severely beaten, yet despite this, he began talking to Shiro. He told him -----(planning to reveal during game)-----. And then, Shiro's grandfather, who had taken far too much damage for his age, had passed away before his eyes, with a necklace in his hands. Something about that day had changed Shiro, completely. Was it what his grandfather had said to him? Was it the significance behind the necklace? Was it losing his only remaining family member? Perhaps all of those and more. But it was certain from that day on he was completely different from before.

Shiro eventually ended up living in the center village, with a small apartment  of his own, which is payed for by the city until he turns 18 (because he is legally an orphan). It should also be noted that on the day of his grandfather passing, he had discovered he had an affinity for the element of earth (rock), and would go on to the center village so he could attend the schools there to learn. He only recently began school this year, after spending 2 more years living in the streets of his birthplace outer island. He is now 16 years old, and has been attending school this far, but not many have ever noticed him, no doubt due to his silent behavior.

Personality: Since losing his grandfather, Shiro had changed completely. He is now more silent than he was previously, trying to speak at the minimum level whenever he can. He doesn't have any friends, nor any family, and has moderate depression, but does not show it in public, besides his quietness and solemn face. If one would look at him, he would always look gloom, but he would never tell you he was. He is not a very bright individual, with more wisdom than intelligence. Living on the streets and growing up were he did, he has good enough intuition to know and realize more than others may, but he deals with it very differently.

He can best be described as a gentle giant. He will not fight for himself, but will risk his own life to save those of others. While he does partake in the combat classes, he far from gives it his all, because he is very careful to not hurt anyone. In every sparring match he has been in, he has lost. But when the time calls for it, he uses his tremendous physical strength and the power of rock earth to protect.

Very little is known about Shiro, as he communicates very little, and prefers to solitude over companionship. However: "There are people in this world who prefer solitude. But there is no one who can withstand it." He is a big mystery to all of the other students, and even to the instructors, and his capabilities are completely unknown, as no one has ever seen him use them to the full extent that he could. Despite being such a. Silent, strong, and a little dim person, he is highly emotional. He doesn't show his emotions in public, but he most definitely has them, and they are strong. He has become attached to the necklace his grandfather left him, and would give up his life trying to protect it or get it back if anything were to happen to it, even if it meant harming others, because he sees it as protecting the very life of his grandfather, the onto one who ever loved and cared for him.

Side notes:

- Shiro lives completely independent. He buys his own food, pays the bills, and the rent all with the money the city gives to him. He is responsible only for himself, and has to do everything from cooking, to finding his own transportation to school, usually choosing to walk though.

- His size is comparable to that of Sado from Bleach, and in fact he was inspired by him largely, and is really, really similar... Sorry about that. XD

- He gets just passing grades, any lower and he would be failing.

- He chooses to sit/stand on his own when together with the other students, such as during lunch.

- His full name (Ishi Shiro) can be translated to "Stone Castle" in Japanese, although I don't speak Japanese, so that is just what I got form google translate :P

- He uses rock earth in an unique way as compared to other elementalists. He uses it to enhance his own body and strengths, rather than simply manipulating it with movements like earth benders from Avatar do. This does not mean he is unable to manipulate it so, he just chooses to and finds it more befitting for himself to use it as he does (which will be revealed to the other students and to the instructors when he is forced to really fight with all he's got).

- I'm just using a temporary portrait until I can get my own in :)