Jun Bai

Name: Jun Bai
Age: 17
Element: Air

Jun was always on the thin side, even as a child, and it shows in physique as he nears the end of adolescence.  A scrawny young man, Jun is 5'6" tall and 128 lbs.  His weight is deceptive, as his efforts to increase his pitiful physical strength have cut down on his body fat, leaving him with a wiry, toned physique.  His hair was pure white the day he was born, the first sign of his eventual awakening as an Elementalist, though a few darker strands of gray grew in as he got older.  Curiously, his hair will occasionally move as if there is a breeze in the air, even when there is none.  This often occurs with loose-fitting clothing as well, sometimes even indoors.  His eyes are slate gray, matching the darker hue of his hair.  Jun has a preference for gray clothing, reflecting his somewhat stormy personality, although he's been known to don white clothing as well from time to time.

On the whole, Jun was shaped by the circumstances of his birth, and it shows in his personality.  By nature, Jun is rather shy and on the awkward side, as he lacks eloquence during intense social situations.  When he is able to stumble past his initial slow start, Jun is a very subtle young man.  He prefers not to speak his feelings and thoughts aloud, believing that actions speak more loudly and more honestly than words can.  That isn't to say that Jun is quiet, of course.  Rouse his interest and Jun will easily talk a friend's ear off the way a hurricane knocks over a tree, but the situations in which Jun has that much to say are few and far between these days.

Unfortunately, Jun was not born in a place where a generally kind and pragmatic boy can live in peace; at least, not if he is an Elementalist.  Facing discrimination on a daily basis, often in hurtful and humiliating ways, slowly erects a wall around a person.  In Jun's case this is very accurate.  After the events that lead up to his move to the Central Island, Jun developed a very hard shell around his heart indeed.  For a time he was distrustful of everyone, and even became openly resentful.  His kind nature was overshadowed by his anger.  Although he has mellowed out a lot since he began living with The Complete, he still has difficulty opening up, and some of the scars are still raw.  Violence can cause Jun to succumb to hysteria, especially if a friend is being threatened.  His lack of self-control can be easily misconstrued as sadism, especially when juxtaposed by his wildly out of control emotions, but Jun is typically not aware of his actions when this happens.

Home Life:
Born on one of the Outer Islands, Jun was the son of two old-time Nonelementalist families.  In fact, his Father was a politician on the Island and a well known public servant.  Jun's birth didn't do much for his Father's political career, as the child's unusual hair and eye color just about guaranteed that the boy would grow up into an Elementalist.  Though the Metropolis where they lived was not particularly violent, the scarcity of Elementalists combined with the high population of Exiles and their descendants made life somewhat difficult for Jun.  There was never any shortage of children who used Jun's uniqueness as an excuse to bully him, and Jun always had to be careful in how he responded because of his Father's political career.

Although the birth of an Elementalist son was something of a scandal for Jun's Father, he never gave up his work as a public servant, a fact that many citizens of the city lauded.  There was still a large number of people who disliked having someone with a connection to an Elementalist on a City council, but that group was very slightly in the minority.  As a result, around the time Jun's magic actually manifested, his Father was elected Mayor of the city, and Jun's exposure increased.  Still, he dealt with the attention the same way he had his entire life; it was easy to ignore the biased hatred when he had such staunch support at home.  His Mother and Father even struggled with the decision to send Jun to the Central Island for education, disliking the idea of being separated from their son.

Tragedy finally struck when Jun was 13; while on his way home from a formal event with his family, the car they had been travelling in was destroyed by a time-delayed car bomb.  Unwilling to live in a city where the Mayor had an Elementalist family member, a group of fanatical Exiles had banded together in order to assassinate the Mayor and his family.  The bomb was sufficient to immediately kill the Mayor and his Wife, but Jun's reflexive use of magic managed to cushion enough of the blast that he was spared.  In the days that followed, after he was placed into protective custody, Jun became acutely withdrawn.  He constantly heard the people who were supposed to be protecting him blame him for the death of the Mayor, sometimes even to his face.  Without the firm guiding hand of his Father, Jun fought back against his harassers for the first time, making sure to be thorough enough that others would think twice before coming at him again.

When he was finally sent to the Central Island, The Complete took him in to help him recover from the psychological shock of losing his family.  Though the incident has fallen to the wayside in recent times, the assassination has become one of The Complete's prime examples of why the system of Exile is damaging.