Ashlynn Savannah
Name: Ashlynn Savannah

Age: 13

Element: Metal

Appearance: Ashlynn is 4'8" tall, has shoulder-length silver-gray hair, and magenta eyes. She always wears a small flower clip in her hair, the last thing her mother gave her before passing away. She is quite lovely, although the cocksure smirk she often wears makes her look rather impish. Hailing from a very hot village, she tends to wear revealing clothing, much to the consternation of more conservative Central residents.

Personality: Arrogant, but not aloof

Home life: Ash is the only child of a rich baron. Despite being spoiled from a young age, she insisted early on that she gain her independence. With her mother dead, her father tried to keep her home and turn her into his little princess... a notion that she did not approve of. As soon as she was old enough to learn her mansion's grounds and the patterns of the guards and help, she found her way out into the world. During her exploration, she found that she had a certain affinity for the world around her. Metal bars seemed to always have just enough space between them to squeeze through, and she always managed to find spare change or small pieces of jewelry hidden or discarded. It wasn't until an alley dog attacked her that she fully manifested her ability, actually pulling a steel bar from a fence and using it to defend herself against the beast. She has kept the steel bar, using it as a medium for practicing her skills as well as finding a teacher to instruct her on how to use it as a weapon in combat.