Katsu Tsukasa
Name: Tsukasa Katsu

 Age: 14

  Element: Lightning

  Appearance: Katsu has yellow hair with an electric purple streak. He has brownish red eyes, and is pretty tall for his age, at 5ft 10in. He usually has head phones and opts to wear deep shades of yellow, blue and white for shirts and coats.

Current attire: Jeans, split yellow/blue jersey, white/blue running shoes

  Personality: Katsu really only likes doing three things: Hanging out with friends, playing games, and training. His first idea for fun every evening, that he does not work, is to go training in the woods. He gets bored in class and is the type to fall asleep before the end of a lecture.

  He goes to the academy only because his parents want him to, and like most teenagers he respects their wishes. He enjoys talking to other students though, even if at first he seems a little annoyed, it's just because he's in school. He is generally quick to anger and will never back down from a fight at any time. He can be selfish and proud, but when he makes a friend he stays very loyal to them.

  Home Life: Katsu's got a typical family, he's an only child but it didn't affect him too much (at least he doesn't think so). His father owns a general store and has pretty long hours, so for most of his younger childhood years Katsu hung out with his mom. When he went to school he excelled at sports but wasn't (and still isn't) an academic guy. His grades have always been barely above passing, even when he did try very hard in elementary school. He is not 'book smart' in the slightest. He found out he had this power when an electric pole fell down near his middle school, and the wires started flying out everywhere. Katsu saw one girl about to get smacked by an electrical wire and pushed her out of the way, letting it hit him instead. He passed out. When he woke up at the hospital, things were different. His magic had been awoken. All the machines hooked up to him were on the fritz, and every time he touched metal he'd send sparks going everywhere. Knowing he couldn't really control it, his parents decided he should attend the academy, and even though he didn't want to, he knew it was for the best. Now he trains hard to become a master of lightning. He works at his father's shop random days of the week to help out. For all his tough talk, Katsu is a momma's boy.