Everett Strype
Name: Everett Strype
Age: 16
Element: Light

Everett has a small featured and unassuming face. that rests in an expression halfway between curious and worried. His light blue eyes twinkle with a latent joyous light, and his short, sunny blonde hair sprouts out of his head like so many sprigs of hay. Everett's everyday wardrobe consists of a plain white t-shirt, white cargo shorts and white running shoes. Despite its simplicity, Everett's attire fits his 5"11, athletic build very well.

There is a constant quirk about Everett; he always seems to be holding himself back. In the sense that he usually keeps calm, quiet and to himself. But then, like an excitable puppy he'll quickly become lively, outgoing and bounce about the place cracking jokes, chatting with strangers and trying to drag whatever friends are nearby along with him. His personality it seems, is a testament to growing up in the cacophonous noise of the inner city, and then experiencing tragedy at a relatively young age.

Everett is at his heart an intensely emotional person, easily provoked into any mood. Though due to past experiences, he feels he must keep a tight reign on his blindingly sunny personality, so his elemental powers don't run amok.

But that's more what makes Everett tick than anything, in everyday life he's just a city boy through and through. He likes dancing, loud music, running and just hanging out with friends. A normal guy, with burgeoning elemental powers. He's wary with his light, and lacks proper control, but those thing will come with time. Until that time, he just tries to have fun as best he can.

Home life:

Everett was born in a metropolis on one of the outermost islands, growing up in a poor household with only his frantic mother, Marsha, to raise him.

As such, Everett's childhood was an everyday struggle, yet it was no different from many of the other children he grew up around. One thing that set Everett apart though, showed itself when he was fifteen years old.

Three burglars had broken into his and his mother's apartment and were in the middle of clearing the place out of what little valuables were there, when Everett and his mother came home. Things got violent, and in a fit of rage Everett's light shone. A white beacon that damn near could've put the sun itself to shame. The burglars were stopped, as the light had blinded everyone in the room besides Everett. Sadly, this included his mother.

In the aftermath, guilt stricken Everett was sent away, and his mother was put into the hospital until such time as she could adjust. With help from old family friends, Everett discovered some truths about his absent father. It turned out that his father had left Everett three things should he ever need them; enough money to get himself to the central island, a note that would allow him to attend the elementalist school that nestled itself within the forests there, and finally the key to a house on said island. These gifts gave him no clue as to who his father actually was, but it did at least show that whoever he was, Everett's dad was not completely heartless.

Now Everett lives alone, in a small cabin in the central island, within a decent walk to the schools grounds.