Name: Geb

  Age: 17(was actually wondering if I could have an advanced student and his background will show why.

  Element: Primary: Earth-Rock, Secondary: Water

 Appearance: see pic below

  Personality: Geb is a loner and kind of antisocial. He doesn't feel like he belongs to any group and thinks of himself as an outcast.

  Home Life: Geb no longer has a home. It was destroyed when his family tried to over use their power and it killed everyone..including their 10 year old son. When he awoke he could not feel his body but he could feel the rocks trees water and earth around him. When he tried to stand a few rocks rolled his way for him to stand on. Then more appeared and coalesced until they made a body for him. He had become a spirit of the Earth. He could not again take a human form but the Earth made his body for him. Geb is a very kind individual but also a very sad one. He lives his life in solitude so as to not frighten others. He has Mastered both Earth and Water.