Chrysanthe Julian Cain
Reading this, since I wrote this a LONG time a go, I am very tempted to go through it and tinker with it now and then so don't think this is the final product! Though all will be the same context-wise. Just a little indepth and in my current writing style.

Name: Crysanthe Julian Cain

Age:  16

Element:  Earth - Plant

Appearance: (Little bare-bone, might spruce it up later - yes I made a plant pun! )

Crysanthe has a lithe figure standing at a simple 5'4, her mundane stature doesn’t usually provoke second glance. A heart-shaped face frames her petite nose and lips nicely. Almond shaped eyes shine with a daring sheen of starlight – a common trait of the infamous Cain family. Long silver hair falls over her shoulders, a single cobalt flower adorning the strands of metallic silk. See image for visual representation

Crysanthe usually wears casual clothes, nothing particularly attractive. They’re worn for comfort and practicality.

Current attire (Taken from initial post): Her hair had grown accustom to a state of disorder, reasonably okay in one department. In her haste she had flung on one of her smaller dresses, well it was hardly even that just a top which overhung. It had a darling little floral pattern over it, otherwise she merely tossed on a plain set of grey leggings - which she swore she ripped in her hastiness; thankfully she didn’t. That, and some simple brown leather boots because if she didn’t have decent footwear her toes would officially declare that they loathed their owner for prancing around woodland barefooted.


In-spite of her upbringing Crysanthe remains a near-consistent bundle of fun and joy, or a tediously annoying bundle of horror and unawareness of others. Em will almost always say what’s exactly on her mind whether it’s relevant or not, forcing you to trail an extraordinarily odd train of thought. In other words, Em is playful to the point of sending people awry. One problem of having such an overt personality is that Em ignores the very concept of ‘personal space’ and may well be one of the more annoying people you will ever, ever find.

Her past unfortunately hasn't left her completely unscathed, glass shards protrude from her personality occasionally. They wink in the sun, forthright and blunt. It's a rare occasion you'll see her like this, but it only persists when a select amount of buttons and switches are flicked and pressed.

Home Life:

The Cain family were all for formality, alongside deception and they were known for their political prowess. The family are heavily rooted within the branches and manipulations of metal. They take it upon themselves to forge steel, forming it into either weapon or sculpture. In matter of trade they were well-known for controlling a large proportion of the metal trade - thus housing a large amount of wealth. There products were more often than not overly priced, and if any cheaper solutions came into existence they immediately tried to buy them out. That, or by other more.. dastardly means. The Cain’s have a trade mark colour to their hues; a brilliant grey, lighter than most and some have even come to compare it too starlight. The Cain’s however prefer to name the colour ‘Molten Steel’.

Recently a strong marriage with the most competitive steel trading group had brought the Cain business into it's own. However, unknown to them this family housed more magical heritage then they the Cain's were aware. Crysanthe's grandmother featured within the area of plants.

The Cains, who were known for their pure metal-magic bloodlines had come across a blemish. The most recent child; Crysanthe had power over flora. They were unable to rid themselves of her, and so they raised her. Crysanthe's mothers side had been accepting. The Cains however were not so welcoming. Thus they brought about their strict upbringing for Crysanthe. The appearance of her powers alone was seen as a weed among their artificial gardens. They sort to make the girl a ‘well-rounded’ individual dressing her well and keeping her under their thumb. Crysanthe, was well aware she was dependant on her family and so did nothing to provoke the Cain's wrath. Yet once her 16th birthday had come, she removed herself from their tyrannical rule, their protocol and routine. Taking to move to another village, escaping their vice-like grasp.

Without funds, she soon found herself in a precarious position. Food was an easy solution, though her family had felt the need to squander and smother her ‘magical mutation’ it did wonders for supplying her with multiple fruits.