Devin Crypps
*Note: I'm working on getting a portrait in that looks more like Devin.*

Name: Devin Crypps (ka-rips)

Age: 16     Gender: Male     Height: 6'1"    Weight: 135lbs

Element: Sound

Devin has longish black hair, with a bleached stripe, and bleached tips. He is taller than average height at 6'1" and weighs in at only 135 lbs, so he is rather skinny. He has very pale skin, which is caused by his severe case of refractory anemia. He has light blue eyes, that when you look into them, it almost seems like you're looking into the sky. He often wears eye shadow, and it tends to be a color close to whatever color his shirt is that day. He also has multiple lip piercings, and ear piercings. And he is never, ever seen without his color changing headphones (also usually the color of his shirt of that day). They aren't always over his ears, sometimes they are just hanging in his neck, but he always has them. Some may say his style is "emo," and he tends to wear blacks, purples, but also the occasional pink or even yellow. And his nails are painted black 99% of the time. The only time they aren't painted back, is when he has to remove the old layer to put on a new one.

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Devin is, well... Complicated. He is mellow most of the time, but he can be upset very easily. And when he's upset, he can be rather violent. He gets over his anger pretty fast though, usually only saying one or two comments that reflected how upset he was after it happens.

Devin sticks to his own business, and thinks everyone else so do the same. If you get into his business, he will probably get upset; contradictory, of he gets into your business, he thinks it's completely fine and that he totally isn't a hypocrite.

He is also curious to an extent, and when he wants to find out something, he gets rather excited about it. Usually putting on a devilish, yet amusing grin. Oh, and he has a knack for breaking the rules. Usually on purpose.

Devin grew up in the island furthest away from the Center village, it was a metropolis like island. He lived in the high-end part of the city, he had two parents, and was only child that always got what he wanted. So how did Devin become the rule breaking, fight starting, rebel he is today? Well, that's a long story, but here's the summed up version... Devin Crypps is the son of Victor Crypps, founder and CEO of Crypps Electronics, and Vanessa Crypps, world renowned theatre actress. His father's electronic products can be found in every island, even in the Center Village (albeit in small amounts there). His mother is an idol known across every island, and has performed in theatre across them all. But their son, Devin, is known to no one but his paternal grandparents, and the servants at his parents penthouse apartment, that spans across an entire top floor of a very sought after high-end apartment building. Devin was never meant to be born. He was what some mothers tease their children about being, but they are only kidding. Devin really was, an accident, and he knows it.

Growing up, Devin had absolutely no friends, and he almost never left their penthouse. He was taught by a private instructor, his meals were prepared by the finest chefs, and his bed was made every day by the maid. His parents neglected him, not by mistreatment, but by no treatment at all. They were very rarely home. And when they were, it usually wasn't both at once. One can imagine how busy their lives were what with their careers. His father is after all, one of the most powerful men in the world. So yes, Devin had it all, but he had nothing, that was, until his father brought him home a set of headphones. They were a prototype to an entire new line. Their exterior had a color setting, so the wearer can change the color day to day. They had they best sound quality up to date, sounding as if the musician(s) were playing right in front of you. However, the line never went into production because the cost to produce them out weighted the projected profit. Devin had one-of-a-kind headphones, and he listened to music constantly. All kinds of music, well everything but country that is. He even made his own music, and had his parents hire multiple musicians to teach him how to play almost every instrument there was. He never quite felt right playing just any instrument though, he felt most at his artistic peak when he was sitting in the chair of a piano, with his fingers dancing across the keys. He loved the creak the wooden seat would make when he sat down to play. He loved watching the dust that would blow off of the strings when the hammers would fall. And he absolutely fell in love with the feeling of his fingers sliding across each key in line, followed by the sounds of each individual note.

Devin would play the piano for days on end at times, never leaving the chair. Pen would flit across paper just as fast as random notes would be hit as he composed his own pieces. The sound of his music would resonate through the empty spaces in the penthouse. Servants would leave their stations and gather round to hear him play, but when he played, his eyes would always be closed, so he never knew they were there. When Devin played he looked truly at peace. For the first time in his life, he had a purpose, music.

That would all change however, when he discovered he was a sound elementalist. In his fits of anger, his voice would be explosive, and the resonating notes of his fists hitting marble pillars would crack them. He only just discovered his powers recently, and also recently moved. His parents of course sent him to the school for elementalists in the Center Village, in hopes of sparing any more marble pillars, and in hopes of preventing their son being discovered by the media. So now Devin lives with his grandparents, who are very, very old fashioned. They use absolutely no electronics (it was quite the argument when Devin showed up with headphones, but he got to keep them) and the only music they listen to is his grandfather's harmonica when he sits on the front porch on his rocking chair, as his grandmother knits beside him.

Devin is as unhappy as ever. His grandparents are radicals that believe in every strict, ignorant, and old method. He is supposed to have lots of chores, but he never does them, provoking yelling matches between his grandmother and himself. He often times goes to bed without meals, and then sneaks out his bedroom window. They live in the middle of the woods, but he walks to the most urban like place on the island, where there happens to be an old abandoned building that is very easy to break into. There he listens to music, as he takes in inspiration, and draws across every wall, floor, ceiling, and crevice that he can, and covers it all with art of musical notes, short melodies and tunes he made himself, and musical instruments. Despite never having lessons, he is quite talented in abstract art, and that is exactly what he draws across every surface in that building. His own little enchanted castle.