Vermin 'Sticks' Steecks
*Metal TA*

Name: Sticks (His full name is Vermin Steecks, but he goes by his nickname Sticks.)

Age: 19 (He graduated last year, but has boing better to do, so he still comes to school to help out his once teacher Erik Sterva)

Element: Metal (with a recent deviation into Light.)

Appearance: Sticks stands at a mere 5'1", and weighs in at only 80 lbs. He can be spotted very easily in a crowd despite his short stautre due to his unique hair style. His hair naturally grows in almost spike like clumps going up and then making a 90 degree turn backwards to point was any from his face: the color of his hair is both a dark strong gray, and a weaker light gray. Only half of his face is visible as he wears a balaclava underneath his clothes that covers half of his face up over his nose. Why he wears this balaclava, the world may never know. E are many terms that can be used to describe Sticks, but attractive is not one of them. Besides his stubborn and odd hair, his second most notable feature is his large ears. Both of which, are pierced and have different loops in them almost everyday. His nose appears quite small under his balaclava, but his mouth cannot be seen, his eyes are farther apart than average and his hairline seems to come down mos too his forehead. It is these various facial features that cause people to view Sticks as unattractive. His attire varies from day to day, but he is usually wear some grey or black hoodie with faded jean pants, and always his balaclava beneath it all: he also wears a studded punk-like necklace and tends to prefer loop earrings instead of studs.

Personality (and some backstory mixed in): Contrary to his idol, Erik Sterva, Sticks does not have a calm demeanor by any means. When he walks into a room, it is very evident he has done so, as he wants people to know he has. Sticks has an everlasting want of attention and achieves with the best way he knows, by being a fool. Sticks was the class slacker, he always had the lowest scores, and he always seemed to be in some kind of trouble. Whether it was detention, in-school suspension, or being sent to see the Complete, Sticks would do somehting new everyday to grab everyone's attention, from poking holes in the walls of the sound primary to make the loud noises resonate throughout the school, to hooking up extra lights in the darkness primary, to overflowing the water fountain right outside of the fire primary. However, after his years of being the prankster, Sticks began having daily sessions with the counselor, and also his primary teacher, Erik Sterva. Sterva helped Sticks with many things, and eventually helped him to grow out of his clownish behavior. Since then, Sticks has idolized Sterva as one of the most awesomely people alive, and strives to surpass his skill by incorporating his newly found affinity for Light. with his long standing relationship with Metal. Now, Sticks no longer makes it obvious when he enters a room, and he no longer pulls ridiculous pranks for attention; however, he does pull the occasional small prank and often uses comical humor that only he finds funny, such as wet willies. Sticks may be less of a prankster, but he still has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and is usually not doing the thing he was told to do. He tries very hard though to refrain from losing focus when it comes to helping his former instructor out with his new students.

Home life: Sticks lived with his parents until he was 18, and has lived in the Center a Village his whole life, only ever leaving it once when he went to see a performance by Vanessa Crypps on one of the closer islands. He lived a rather uneventful childhood, besides his constantly being in trouble for things he would do at school. Eventually though, he would graduate and he moved out to get a place of his own. He now lives in the same small apartment building as Shiro Ishi, with his pet ferret named Briefs (his peculiar fur color appears as though he were wearing briefs).

Nickname: He was the drummer of a garage pop punk band named Red Skies. Two of the members moved to one of the city islands, and the last one ran away. He got the nickname Sticks because of his position in the band. But when he started school at the Complete's school, the band had already disbanded, so he took it upon himself to tell everyone to call him sticks. Everyone still called him Vermin though and it caused him much distress, one of the possible factors in his behavior throughout the school years.