Ame Quinn
*Water TA*

Name: Ame Quinn (pronounced Ah-may Ka-win)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Element: Water

Appearance: Ame is taller than average at 6'0", and is moderately built weighing in at 200 lbs. He has long royal blue hair that he usually wears in a ponytail with parted long bangs. His eye color matches his hair color, and he wears bland oval shaped glasses. He is usually wearing a traditional blue kimono with floral print and sandals, but he dresses more warmly when the weather calls for it. He also wears a rice hat almost everywhere he goes, both to be prepared for rain, and to keep the sun off. He has very pale sensitive skin. He is quite average looking overall, but his face is very resolute and boring. Almost like he's always pouting.

Home life: Ame moved to the center island some years back to study under Kuron. He lives alone in a small house near a stream and pond that he may or may not have placed there himself. He lives a simple life, he gets up every morning at the exact same time, makes a small breakfast, walks the scenic route to the school, and helps Kuron run the water primary class as he studies under him. During school breaks, Ame returns to his family on the next island over and stays with them until school starts again.

Personality: Ame is a very bored person. As such, he tends to be cold towards others. He has lacked love for his entire life (his family being very distant from each other when it comes to communtication) and now holds no pity for anyone. Like his cold calculating personality, Ame often uses water in the form of Ice or freezing cold water. When he first came to study under Kuron, he was very distant, and gloomy at any given moment; however, after spending time studying under him, he opened up and become less cold of a person. While he still seems gloomy at times, he isn't unbearably so, and despite any annoyance he might show towards Kuron's excited nature, he actually admires Kuron for his personality, and aspires to be as happy as him someday. In fact, Ame even helps Kuron by being his assistant now, where before he saw it completely futile since it would not benefit him. Now however, Ame finds it benefitting to pass on his knowledge to those who want to learn. Whereas Kuron handles class mostly by himself, Ame has mastered Ice to possibly even the Complete's level, and usually handles those parts of class by himself. Ame acts only to benefit himself, but his being a TA is the only exception.

Short Backstory: Ame grew up in a cold household, devoid of any love from his parents. The Quinn's are renowned for their mastery of Ice, and from a very young age, Ame was a prodigy. He is recognized as being one of the most powerful ice manipulators of today, even paling his great grandfather's accomplishments, who was once seen as being the most powerful water elementalist (even when the Complete came along, he was still considered the most powerful water elementalist simply because of reputation when in reality, the Complete was much stronger). However, Ame has yet to master his element. While he has mastered the use of Ice completely, he lacks the understanding to master water in its liquid form, which is why he has come to study under Kuron. Ame stands next in line to be the head of the Quinn clan, as his grandfather choose him as his successor over his own son due to Ame's ice abilities and calculating mind. It was imperative for the next head of the family to master water completely, beyond just ice, so Ame set out to do just that and choose Kuron as his master. Now, Ame studies under Kuron and helps him with his class, slowly but surely mastering his element completely.