Cadence Jinko
Name: Cadence Jinko

Age: 19

Element: Plastic

 Appearance: Cadence is highly contrasted in terms of appearance.  Her eyes are a plain blue, but she highlights them with a daily smothering of eyeliner.  She has curly hair that seems to reach for her hips.  Cadence is abnormally comfortable in tight-fitting clothing.  Thankfully, she has the figure for it at 5'8" and a perfect hourglass.  She mixes patterns ferociously.

 Personality: She's chronically disorganized and all over the place, but she's intelligent and passionate.  Cadence likes people in general.  Easily bored, there's almost always something (often plastic) in her hands.

 Home Life: Cadence comes from a family of water elements.  She was born deaf and, although her parents cared about her, they had six other children and didn't think they had the time to give her what she needed.  She was placed in her aunt's care, a plastic bender.  Aunt Nina taught her everything she knew (plus lip-reading) and then sent her to school.  Cadence picked up whatever was taught to her.  She communicates mainly in gestures and facial expressions, but can speak a bit.