Sugar Glass
Name: Sugar Glass

Age: 19

Element: Air

Appearance: Thin and wispy Sugar seems ethereal at times, her strawberry blonde hair drifting in waves while she seems to float and dance as she moves. Her body is thin, trim, and fit in a way not unlike a gymnast though with a little less definition. Her lips are thin and soft, almost painted below her sharp nose and dreamy eyes, causing her sometimes to appear as if she has heard nothing at all of what anyone's said, despite her attentive nature. Her clothes tend to be form fitting with scarves and skirts that flutter when she moves in whites and grays. She almost seems as if she's some sort of nature thing, loose and breezy as the element she embodies.

Personality: Despite her evanescent appearance and dreamy voice, Sugar is a finely attentive bright individual, happy to meet people and experience more of the world. With a lazy smile and a soft tone she will almost always say how she feels, up for anything, and forever stable. She sometimes does get wistful, but any true darkness or melancholy she manages to bury out of site, not wanting others to view her in such a way.

Home Life: Sugar came from a relatively well known family in the inner islands, practicing monthly in weathers and earth. Her mother was a solid woman, her personality best explained as rectangular. She had a way with plants and smiled less than twice a year though her heart was big. Her father was boisterous with a booming laugh that sounded like thunder and a toothy smile that never went away. The odd one out was her brother Char, who was still well loved and appreciated despite his gangly body and nature.

They lived in a large house near a cliff overlooking the sea, breakfasting on the beach, hosting dinners, and being as comfortable and caring as a child could've wanted. It was a clean childhood void of many bumps that others had to deal with, that inevitably would lead to her practicing her powers from a young age, and a direct line and intention to go to school.