Defenders of Avalon
Alexander is, like the other boys, a young lad in his mid-teens.  He has a mop of tousled brown hair, green eyes and a perpetual goofy grin spread wide across his face.  Shorter than the rest, obviously not having hit his growth spurt, Alexander wears cherubic features and sports no facial hair.  Sharp-minded and outgoing, he had a knack for putting people at ease, even adults and those with less-than-affable dispositions.

Caradoc is a tall, broad-shoulder lad, taller still than Logan by an inch or two.  He wears hair black as raven feathers and piercing, crystal blue eyes. Eldest of Logan's brothers, he looked at least four or five years older than Alex, his shoulders swelled with muscle.  He dwells often upon his thoughts, a creature of patience, silence and solitude, much to the lament of the ladies near his age... and not.

Bors is a slender, almost gaunt lad, and shorter than either Caradoc or Logan.  He has short-cropped blonde hair, and is almost never found without his lute or flute.  Always making music, singing, tapping out rhythms with his fingers, Bors is a creature of music.  Like Alexander, he is a happy fellow, sociable and pleasant.

Katerina is older than Bors by almost a year.  She often wears a radiant smile, but her eyes were chips of pitiless blue ice for most other than her 'brothers.' She typically wears her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of her way.  Kat is tall, taller than either Bors or Alexander; she stood only a few inches shy of six feet, surpassed only by Logan and Caradoc.  She could just as easily be found wearing an intimidating scowl as melting a room with her smile depending on her mood.