Rugged is the only way to describe Godric.  Dark brown hair and eyes, his skin is weatherworn, as is his clothing.  Clutched in his right hand is a solid oak staff that he never seems to be without.  In fact, he's unusually protective of it, and can be seen whispering to it on occasion.  But this is hardly the most unnerving thing about the man.

He has a rather telling presence, one that was almost impossible to miss.  The air around him seems almost heavy and charged with ozone, much like the air before a thunderstorm.  It was the kind of thing that unnerves the common folk to no end, but to those capable of seeing such things, the source of this is immediately apparent, as there seems to be an almost endless gaggle of small spirits swirling about the man.  Animals too seem drawn to the man, and it almost seems as if he prefers their company as opposed to people.  In fact, a rather large looking lynx seems to always be by his side.