Neerga ,16 years old, is an adopted into the Cloud Tribe from the fallen Burrow Tribe some joined the Angry Lizard Tribe and she asked to join the Cloud Tribe a friend of the Tribe in commerce. Her family known for exceptional men and she as a woman was of little value although the women often are just as capable just in the Burrow Tribe women were subordinate. She is not strong or good in close combat but isn't without some good qualities.

Spirit 12,
Accurate, Agile, Aware, Dexterous, Wise, Careless, Weak, Caster, Crafter, Hunter

Wolf armor (absorbs half of incoming damage so that at least one point goes to the character)
Bow +2
16 Flint-tipped Arrows
4 Black-Stone Tipped Arrows
Quiver of Wolf Hide
3 stabbing knives, blades break away from handle inside target
Sleeping Fur
Hide Bag (inside Awl*Burin*Hammerstone*Scraper - Granite)
Water Gourd
Boar Hide Cloak
assorted tools of stone and bone