Dorgra, the Scorched.

Spirit 8, Aware, Resilient, Awkward. Fire maker.

Fire hardened spear +2
Loincloth, hide
Fire Spirit statuette, crude - The Flame (see below)
Fire kit - 10 fires
Oil - 6 hours worth of illumination
Lamp, simple - can hold 3 hours worth of oil

Fire People song:
Feed its Hunger, so it may never turn its fiery gaze upon you.

A giant of a man stands in front of you. A full head above his average peers, Dorgra appears to be in his early 20s. Fully naked except for a loincloth, his frame is stocky and his body is completely hairless. Several old and healing burn marks can be seen all over his oily skin, especially on his palms and his arms. The man's head is bald and he sports no facial hair. A permanent scowl is fixed on his face. No adornments, jewelry or tattoos are visible on him. The faint, acrid reek of ash and soot seems to hang around him, almost like a tangible pall.

Dorgra's life as member of the Fire People began with a cruel twist of fate, as the Fire People's customs ordain: his twin brother died at birth and was sacrificed to the Fire spirits, Dorgra himself being held in lifelong debt to a particular Fire Spirit that is said to have spared him (namely, the Flame). He became one of the Scorched. Raised with the sole purpose of servicing and appeasing the Flame, the young man learned the secrets of fire making and many its uses, while subjecting himself to various trials and ordeals. Every two full moons, Dorgra dances frenetically until exhaustion and rolls himself upon a thin layer of fire embers and lit coal, in remembrance of his dead brother. His pain serves as repayment of his survival and as one of the many ways the Fire People believe to hold the Gnawing Inferno (one of the many versions of the end of the world, all of them involving fire in huge amounts) at bay.

A grim, sullen Dorgra obliges wordlessly to his duties.

Life is service to the Flame. Or is there more to it?