Mishlei is male, aged 20 winters. His stature is particularly powerful and rugged, and his sloped forehead suggests that he comes from a race very different than Cloud People. His bare skin is leathery and weather worn. His torso and back show signature scars of a mauling.  He is reluctant to speak of the scars, but they obviously hold some sort of spiritual meaning to him.  He sports many mystic inkings and some appear to be tribal, perhaps a way of identifying a tribe member.  Although he looks like a wild man or a small brute, his unusual healing techniques are second to none. His accent is thick.

Spirit [ 9 ]  Unused Advances [ 1 ]

Talents [strong, wise, willful] ; Flaws [dull, inaccurate] ; Class [Healer, Medicine Man]

Ebony knife +1, fur cloak of cave lion, loin cloth, leather pouch, bone necklace, leather loincloth, a medicine bag, a cave lion totem, an auroch's horn (usually with embers for fire), medicine man fetish (scepter),

Strong is a talent which grants a bonus to rolls involving any feats of strength and adds a point of bonus damage to unarmed attacks or stabbing attacks with his knife.

Wise is another talent. It offers a bonus to rolls involving mental feats to deduce, comprehend, learn, and conclude.

Dull is a flaw. In this context, it means that he is not charismatic. Rolls which involve social feats suffer a penalty to the die roll.

The healer class allows a character to heal himself or others using mysterious lore and locally found materials (herbs and so on). The subject of the healing is immediately healed of damage equal to the healers spirit score divided by three (round up). Once a character has been healed, he may not be healed again with this ability until further injury is received (though he could still receive treatment through other means).

The medicine man class has the power to cause pain and injury merely by pointing an object called a fetish at a target. A fetish is a focus for the magic, and is typically an object such as a stick or bone decorated with carvings, feathers and animal skulls. Any single target within sight can be affected, and the target of the attack suffers damage equal to the medicine mans spirit divided by three (round up). No test is required for this attack, but if the target possesses the talent willful, he is immune to the effect. A medicine man can make one such attack per turn, and once a target is affected they are thereafter immune to further attacks by the medicine man for the remainder of the encounter. Armour has no effect against the damage caused. If two medicine men launch their magical attacks against each other, the magic conflicts, and an opposed test is made. The winner causes damage to the loser, but takes no damage himself. If either of the combatants has the willful talent, they are immune to the power of their foe.

Mishlei's personal spirit totem is one of the most powerful of them, the Great Cave Bear.