Marek Kreegan
I was born to Almek Kreegan, son to Talmek Kreegan, a long time sergeant of the
Mercenary League.  I spent my youth travelling around the world as an armorer's
apprentice and possible member to the League.  My father is a contracted armorer,
therefore the travel.  He goes were the League asks.

Call it a skill, if you will, but I tended to keep to myself at a very early age.
Don't get me wrong, I very much love my family.  I have an infernal brother named
Malek (older by 5 years) and a younger sister, Lily (by 2 years).  Mother died
during her childbirth so its just been the four of us.  Oh, thre is Uncle Valmek,
who is partners with my father.  He drinks more than anyone I know, but when he is
focused on a task, I doubt no other!

Other than Malek, I think I would die for these people.  But other than my sister,
and the occasional tirade from my father, I had a different passion.

My focus was on weapons.  The creation, the way they were used, the elegance of
certain weapons.  Growing up around the League, I had plenty of opportunity to delve
into this focus.  Working around makeshift armories was an even bigger education.
Father taught me how to spot imperfections in steel and iron.  With what I have
learned over the last 4 or 5 years, I'd feel comfortable to say that I might make a
half decent armorer.

My biggest passion is for crossbows.  There is something about the mechanical nature
of this weapon that draws me.  I've seen what they can do.  In the right hands, I
would guess that this would be the most fabulous ranged weapon of all.  Sure, I can
string and pull a bow.  I'm not weak, but you can put a crossbow into the weakest
persons hands and if they have the skill and fortitude, they can do some serious damage.

We have a close family friend, a dwarf named Jedzel.  He was my father's right hand.
He crafted the finest crossbow stock that I have ever seen.  Between the two of us,
we built the lightest, most easy to use crossbow I've ever had the privilege to see.
It is my prized possession, first and foremost. It is made of Darkwood and though not
elegant to look at, it is formidable.  I practice at least a couple hours a day.

I'm not terrible with a sword, either.  Being around the Mercenary League as much
as I did, had the advantage of learning a warriors skill.  I have found that I am
proficient with either hand wielding a sword, preferring to not use the traditional
shield or buckler for defense.  I prefer to leave a hand open for my crossbow.  I
have found that my dexerity and agileness allow me to switch quickly enough in combat.

I'd consider myself fairly strong, as well.  I have a blacksmiths arms and artisans
hands.  I'd say I was blessed, but I'm not sure by whom.

I was born in Druma, where money is EVERYTHING.  Our family was never short, with
my grandfather and father in service to the League, in prominent positions, but my
father always chaffed about money.  My mother came from a well to-do family and
sacrificed it to marry my father, a common killer, they would call them.  When the
contracts were good, he invested in materials.  When work was more scarce, we
suffered not.

My family has never been religious.  My father was always respectful of others
ideals, but certainly steared away from any discussions or arguments.  To me, I
have seen nothing in my life that proves there are actual deities.  My sister says
prayers to this and that god, but I've never really paid much attention.  In Druma,
money is religion and I've seen what it can do to people.

Which leads me to my brother.  He is the reason on am on my current path.  He has
always chafed at our family's circumstance.  He tends to be more true Druman that
I in the fact that he has always cherished the coin.  Where I cherish creating
something, he would rather be paid for nothing.

Nearly a year ago, we were visited by a Cherilax delegation while fulfilling a
contract in Andoran.  They wanted my father to come work for a Infernal family for
a considerable sum of money.  My father said no (he never liked the Cherilax and
while he never went out of his way to oppose them, he would never stoop to that
level).  My brother was strongly for taking the contract and setting himself up for
life.  Father's point was that it would be akin to selling his soul to the devil.

The Chelaxian nobleman was considerable affronted by my father's lack of interest.
He came back several times over the next several days, turned away each time, each
time more sternly than the next.  The last visit, the delegate actually uttered
threats at my father, and without Jedzel's intervention, I had intended to wring
the wretches neck!

What wasn't know at the time was that my brother had already taken money with the
promise of the family being committed to the cause.  My brother disappeared before
morning and by the morning after that, we found my father with his throat slit,
still in his bed, a Chelaxian token left as an obvious message.

In my fury, I went to seek them out in Andoran, but they were no where to be found.
They had vanished without a trace.  My brother had been seen in the city but after
days of searching and prying, his trail ran cold, as well.

I gathered all my earthly possessions and set forth south and west to Cherilax, with
nothing but vengeance on my mind.  I had no plan and only a single purpose.  I should
have known better for I soon ran out of the money that I had saved.  I began to have
to work odd jobs here and there just to stay fed.  My vengeance grew cold as the world
became much too real.

Now I am far from everything and everyone I know.  I tend to trust no one and keep to
myself.  The few aquantances that seemed right always turned up wrong.  I've found
myself doing things on the wrong side of the law.   Nothing serious, mind you, but I
do tend to get into fights quickly as I will not back down.  I've learned to try and
keep myself out of those sort of situations.

Now I find myself in Falcon's Hallow.  I'll try to find work with the blacksmith or
even as a guard or mercenary, if need be, to one of the logging communities here.