Trained in the martial arts of his ancestors, Wang now walks the lands, as it is better to exist in many places rather than one. He seeks to preserve all life, as long as it does not interfere with his.

Wang's interests are women, combat, and food.

Wang is the son of rice farmers. One day while they tending rice paddies they were attacked by a warring clan. Completely taken by surprise, and the younger men all away at the monk games, the entire village was slaughtered. Wang was working with his sister Chow who helped him escape the attack. She took him to a temple where he was given refuge. Eventually he was accepted for training.

Wang immediately excelled at the metaphysical but devoted so much attention to it that he was unable to learn the ways of the common man. Simple skills like the abacus escaped him, for which he was bullied by other students who lacked his metaphysical expertise. They called him names such as Di-chu, meaning one with little intelligence.

Wang excelled in all monk training however, becoming one of the youngest monks to ever learn the art of Chng do qīngji, meaning intestinal cleansing. Although his mathematical and writing skills were weak, his abilities in philosophy and debate were very strong. Unfortunately, his novel conclusions regarding enlightenment and existence resulted in the Temple Elders requesting that he leave and never return. He was given 60 pieces of gold and shoved onto a freighter with unknown destination. Their last words to him were "Do not share your philosophy of Yǒngyuǎn byo jud wlio (meaning "do not ever be bored") with others. Go in peace. But do not return".