Maya Adderson

Name: Maya Adderson
Role: Chief Science Officer
Genotype: Human (Homo Sapiens Novus)

Psi 8
Intelligence 7
Charisma 2
Administration 2
Combat 5
Psi Rating: Alpha

Bio: A subject of Project Echidna, Maya was a designer child, born to help further Mankind’s understanding of the Psionic phenomenon that was growing increasingly common as the years went by. It went about as well as could be expected, generating five children with enhanced intelligence, and the genetics that were identified as being in common with nascent Psykers--all five children were eventually identified to be on the higher ends of the Assignment, and many were seconded to various think-tanks across Federation Space as they came of age. All in all, a genuine success--to the point that when Maya came of age herself, she had the option of taking up a position in the Colonial Corps instead of simply being sequestered away.

Being of a somewhat more gregarious disposition then some, she was perfectly happy to serve in that manner. Of course, with the vagaries of Fate and the Warp being what they were, she could hardly have expected to be catapulted into a grim future where violence is law, and reason a tool of villains--but she stands ready to light a bonfire of her own, and fend off the darkness with a stick if need be.

Due to exposure to the Ishannaidiúnach, her own burgeoning psionic talents, and her nearly impossible attunement to that mighty relic. Maya's own genetic code has been sifted through, optimized, and perfected from the patchwork fixes she's implemented to contain her own powers in the frame of a human being.  Overrunning the work of the Echidna Project, she has become the first known example of a truly voidfaring human, equipped to combat the dangers of the galaxy without needing to hide beneath the aegis of a higher power.  Such a position is both one of great promise, and great danger, as many of the ancient powers would fear such a competitor arising, and darker forces would love to claim this potential for their own.

Alternate Name: Staff of Forgotten Stars
Technocrystal Stave
+2 Psionic Focus
+4 Biomancy Rolls
Counts as a Force Weapon, Combat Equipment +5
Virtually Unbreakable

Advantage: Effectively Inexhaustable Power
Advantage: Ultimate Biomancy Focus
Advantage: Hidden Powers?
Disadvantage: Effectively Inexhaustable Power
Disadvantage: Hidden Powers?
Disadvantage: [REDACTED]

Arcanist Power Armour (Magnus-class)
Primium/Living Metal Heavy Powered Armor
+5 Equipment
Modular Design
Integrated Power Field.
Extreme Resistance to Warp-based attack
Increased Psychic Stability.