Name: Arthur
Position: Head Administrator and Leader of the Commonwealth of AIs
Genotype: N/A
Psi-Rating: N/A
Administration: 8
Combat: 2
Warfare: 2
Intelligence: 2->4
Charisma: 1->2

Arthur is a bit of an oddball among AIs of the Hierarchy of AIs. Created first and foremost as an administrator, he long held the dream of being a great warrior and general leading the mechanical forces of mankind to glory. So while his brothers and sisters worked diligently to make Mankind's empire function on a day to day basis, he would waste time review and studying the great wars and trying to learn from them.

Quirks like his would have earn most AIs reprimand from their supervisors, but as it turns out Arthur was extremely effective at his job to the point that even with his distractions he was still one of the most effective administrators on Sol. He was thus allowed to do as he wished. However, this did foster a lot of resentment from his fellow AIs, leading to him becoming a social outcast.

The situation changed drastically however, when, he managed to hack himself into one of the vanguard fleets, in the hopes of doing what he always wanted. It didn't work. He was pretty bad at combat and warfare as it turns out. His deceit was uncovered and for his actions he was demoted. Tolerance for his oddities descended to an all time low, and in the end he was sent to the edges of human spaces to take care of a small colony, where it was hoped he would not be able to cause any trouble.

After the expedition was dumped into the 40th millennium, he was content to simply do his job. However, with the revelations of the Rebellion, the fall of the Federation and the Hierarchy, and an AI related incident that arose on the colony, he knew he had to act. Arthur became determined to uncover the truth of the Rebellion and to rebuild the oversight/government of AIs. Since then, he has painstakingly united the surviving AIs under the Commonwealth of AIs and discovered many crucial clues to the truth. But there was still more work to be done.