Allister Cheng
Psi-Rating: 4
Administration: 2
Combat: 4
Warfare: 2
Charisma: 7

Personal Null Field Generator (Pallas Series)
Synthskin low profile armor
Personal Shield Generator
Plasma pistol
C'tan Phase Blade


Ariane Jenna
Admin: 4
Intelligence: 4

[+4 to Intelligence Setup]

David Johnson
Field Agent
Intelligence: 4
Charisma: 3
Combat: 3

Ellesin Sinclare
Combat: 5
Intelligence: 3

Allister is a Void Born Human from the Jovian orbitals and thus had extensive dealings with a variety of personalities for a long time. From the unending masses of human merchants passing through to the occassional Alien trader that found his way to the Sol system. For several decades now he has worked as a supervisor for Federal Intelligence.

Due to an Echidna Subject being assigned to a new colony, a joint Eldar one at that, his superiors felt it prudent to send a pair of eyes along for the ride to keep an eye on the Aliens, their intrepid psyker and give the relatively young man some hands on experience with a larger assignment.


After the Colony was estaplished, he went from Colonial External Relations Supervisor to effectively being the Terran Federations de-facto Secretary of State and Chief of Intelligence.

He is currently engaged to Lady Celina of Hercules, the daughter of the Imperial Sector Governor. A relationship that started as a political gambit by the Governor to secure the Federations aid against a Chaos onslaught has turned into actual affection after an abortive wedding.