Dr. Remial Mortos
Dr. Mortos was once a lauded scientist, a geneticist who helped the United States develop super serums to fight the Avatars. Then an explosion in his lab bonded him with one of his experimental formulas, twisting and warping him. He has sworn revenge on Dark-Hawke Industries, believing they deliberately sabotaged his research--he gives a different reason why they would have done this each time he's asked. Now he's the foremost provider of illegal underground genetic modification, creating new mutated freaks to continue his war against the company he hates. He is the creator of the Cyptkicker Ghouls, one of the most vicious gangs in Drake City.

Aspects: Maker of Monsters; Fools! I will show them all!; The Cryptkickers are passable toadies; Dark-Hawke will fall at my hands; Soon, the world will appreciate my genius!