Adrian Solace was a psychopathic psychiatrist who developed mental powers which he abused horribly. He used his powers to force 19 people to commit suicide in increasingly sadistic ways by forcing them to live out their worst nightmares. When he was captured, his reign of terror inspired the passage of the Abnormal Powers Registration Act.

Capturing him was not the end of his madness. He would later make a deal with The Nightmare Prince, Ruler of the Realm of Onieros, for increased powers. He escaped federal custody and went on a rampage in Drake City, using his powers to knock people into comas and then giving horrible life to their worst nightmares. The watchmen confronted him and killed him.

Killing him was not the end of his madness.

Now he serves The Nightmare Prince as an enforcer. Though not able to physically manifest in the Brave New World without a host, he is able to haunt people's dreams instead. He is the quintessential boogeyman.

Aspects: Ghostly Serial Mind Rapist; I get off on making others suffer; Dance for me, my puppets!; The Nightmare Prince owns my soul; I am the Vulture of Hell, come to pick off the weak