The Patriot
Major Diana Ross is the leader of the Patriots. A career military woman, Ross is a veteran of the Avatar Crisis and an accomplished and decorated officer. But she suspects that The Brass only cared about one thing when assigning her to the Patriots — she’s African-American. As the leader of the Patriots, she has to deal with politicians and corporate magnates who don’t always take her seriously, and she isn’t allowed the freedom to choose her teammates (which is a problem, because she absolutely loathes Freedom Eagle, and the feeling is mutual). Ross is a tactical genius but has no actual super powers (she’s a Daredevil) and makes due with armoring her costume and making use of Stockpile’s gadgets.

Aspects: Career military leader of the Patriots; I want to be taken seriously, and this silly costume doesn't help; I will make The Patriot Society work, even if I have to drag them kicking and screaming into cooperation; Freedom Eagle will respect my authority or be ejected; Surprisingly athletic for someone nearing 40.