Rebecca Orleans is a media icon, primarily famous for being famous. She had some vague abnormal abilities people didn't really understand, but was mostly known for her outrageous behavior, her partying lifestyle, and the sex tape Three Nights In Vegas that got leaked to the OpNet. She attempted to turn this fame into an acting career, which lead her to being part of The L.A. Stars, a California-based cult of celebrity centered around a few decadent Abnormals.

This changed when The Avatar came to LA. Orleans and the rest of the Stars put their powers to work, helping The Paragon defeat The Avatar, and Orleans showed true talent in getting people to do things her way. Then she milked that exposure for all it was worth. She landed on The Patriot Society because The Brass wanted a famous Abnormal on the team and The Paragon turned them down. She's something of an outsider, with powers of persuasion that make people wary about trusting her and a scandalous personal life that lights up the tabloids constantly. People aren't sure quite why she's on the team or what her role is aside from collecting press attention.

Aspects: Superpowered celebrity; I can resist anything except temptation; Life of the party, Dahling; Freakishly lucky; Famous for being famous