The Americommando
Lieutenant Hawley Griffen is chemically-augmented member of the Patriot Society, with mild super strength, regenerative abilities, and enhanced bones that allow him to withstand punishment and inflict terrible damage with his teeth. Heís less well-known than the others, without the flashy powers of Tank, the photogenic appearance of American Dream, the necessary appearances of The Patriot, or the glory-hogging tendencies of Vegas or Freedom Eagle. This tends to make people underestimate him. This may turn out to be a mistake, because the Americommando is a ticking time bomb. Griffenís powers come from surreptitious use of Dr. Remial Mortosís biorestorative formula ó AKA Ghoul Juice. Though he hasnít manifested any outward mutations, he finds himself craving human flesh every now and again. Furthermore, his military service is mostly classified, and he was a member of a special team of black ops soldiers who did The Brassís dirty work. Revelations about his dark past or the source of his powers could be a disaster.

Aspects: Black Ops Commando; I will do my duty, no matter what; The Brass are always right; Long-buried Secrets; Devoted to the Red, White, and Blue; I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum.